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Moments Date: Dec 7th @ 5:54pm EST
today after disconnecting from my room I was getting a little rest I took a shower with hot water and remembered every moment lived on this day, it is incredible the experiences and learning in F4F the connections and sensations lived make me want to be every day more online and in contact with you, thanks for joining me and making these moments unforgettable.

WELCOME Date: Nov 9th @ 12:25pm EST
I had so many ideas in my head. So many things jumped from here to there,
many verses sung for the complete, many synonyms shouted
for the used and so eager to explain what I felt.
Take a notebook and wrote there are millions of ideas, phrases, and thoughts of mine.
Unburdened me on those pages, awash in black ink.
Take a good escape from what hurt me, doing what he loved most.
Perhaps they are not the best verses, but express what I feel.
Now I share to others, to those who feel like me,
those humans who are looking for a way to describe how they feel.
Maybe one of those people you are, I recommend that you follow here conociendome,
so you understand how I felt at the time when the words came.
Maybe you help us understand how you feel, maybe just be good thoughts for you.
I'll tell you a secret, I will give thee a bit of me, not the part that everyone sees, but hide the party.
Welcome to my mind ....
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